SnapTube | Lets try it !

YouTube has always been there for watching videos, movies and listening to back – to – back songs. But we all know that nothing comes for free.


On YouTube most of the movies cost you at least 100/- per movie, The videos you watch needs constant Internet connection, and if by chance you lose Internet connection, then face that irritating buffering sign revolving around your eyes.

If we try to see a better website for downloading movies or watching videos, of course we have to be ready to face the “virus warning”.

SnapTube is one unique platform where you can download movies and videos easily, for free. After that users can watch their favorite movie without internet connection wherever or whenever they want.

I know there is a question arising in your minds, “that is SnapTube a new application”. Then let me tell you that SnapTube has been there in the market since November 2011.

Before I tell you how to download the app, let me inform you some of the outstanding features, then I am sure you would be the first one to download it !

  1. Available on all type of devices

Being an superb movie and video downloader and keeping in mind people’s choice. SnapTube is available for all the devices like Android, iOS, Windows & for your computer or PC devices. Therefore, you don’t have to think about its availability.

  1. New upgradation

Recently there is a new upgraded version of SnapTube released where, users can download movies of 1080p from the known websites. You can also add new website to download your

favorite movie or video from the bottom right corner “Add button” on the screen.

  1. Converter

SnapTube gives you an option where, users can convert MP4 files into Mp3 files i.e. convert videos into audio. Isn’t that cool !

  1. Choose resolution

You can always choose resolution of the movie or video, obviously, to save your device’s internal memory. The resolution are from 114P to ultra HD quality.

  1. Portable to use

Now we know that it is going to be very easy and portable to use. Therefore, it’s fast, easy and safe to use.

  1. No Advertisements and No Popup’s

SnapTube does not believe in advertisements and popup’s that destroys one’s watching experience. They are the one who carry viruses along. So it is safe, What do you think !

I am sure I am halfway of convincing you that this is the best application to download movies and videos. Am I?

Now let’s share the steps to download SnapTube in your device :-

  1. Download SnapTube in Android Smartphones

Though SnapTube is especially made for Android users, it is still not available on Google Play Store. Don’t worry we can still download the application very safely.

Click here to download SnapTube APK Android Free :

Step 1 : This is an APK format which you need to transfer to your android devices. Go to your “settings”.

Step 2 : Tap “Unknown sources” for security reasons.

Step 3 : Tap on the APK file to start the installation process.

Step 4 : It will ask you for a special request, just press “Next” and then “Install”.

And congratulations ! you are done with it. Now you can enjoy the experience.

  1. SnapTube for PC or Computer – Few steps and you are done

Before starting with the process, let’s clear out 2 main requirements i.e. your PC or Computer should have 4GB RAM and an upgraded HD standard graphic driver. Without them it would be difficult to download SnapTube.

Once you are done with your checking of the requirements, follow these simple steps and you will be ready to use SnapTube.

Step 1 : Download Bluestacks app player from the official website for free. Be aware do not download it from any other website.

Step 2 : Start the downloading process right away by double clicking on “Installer file”. Remember this process requires Internet connection.

Step3 : “Run” the software for once. Then, set up the initial settings.

Step 4 : Go on the “Search tool” and type “SnapTube”. It might not be there, but follow the link below.

Step 5 : Login through your Google account. Then, Launch the default browser in Bluestack and find “SnapTube APK”.

Step 6 : Click on the official URL of SnapTube and download the app in your PC or computer. Follow the onscreen instruction to install the file.

The process is done, I know it will take some time, but after this just kick start the file and search any video you want !!

  1. Download SnapTube in iPhone and Windows

Still SnapTube is not available for iPhone or Windows. But as soon as it will be upgraded I will surely update this article. Just keep an eye.

Conclusion time !

SnapTube is a fun to work application especially for Video lovers. It downloads all the possible movies, videos and converts MP4 to Mp3 for free. It is easy, quick and safe.

I think now I have convinced you to download this wonderful app in your devices. Am I right !

I hope I have covered all the important points. If any important point is missing please let me know through your comments below. I would to read them. Thank you !