Snaptube: Best Video Downloading App

The tech world has just seen the launch of a new and revolutionary app called SnapTube. This is an android based app which allows users to view and download videos on YouTube. In the past, this feature was only available to Windows users. They could download the software and proceed to download videos directly from YouTube. This meant quite a number of users were locked out from this feature but now, with the launch of SnapTube, this will revolutionize how millions of users to access videos and audio moving forward.


The advantage of this is that now that is it available on android, users the world over can now stream videos quickly and at their convenience on their phone and hand held devices. They have the option to also download these videos quickly and safely.

Here are additional features of SnapTube that new users need to know;

  • MP4 videos are available in a different range of resolutions, suitable to users who would either want standard video quality to high definition resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the video quality thus the higher the storage space required per video.
  • The app allows for MP3 conversion. This means that if you like a song or any other video, you can choose to download it as audio. The app will then convert the video from MP4 to MP3 format, meaning downloading it will take less storage space and will be faster, depending on the size of the media.
  • It has a search feature which allows you to search for videos using key words, just like a search engine. It then draws up a list of videos with related key words for you to select which video you want. This helps you find the video you would like to view quickly without wasting time looking for it.
  • Video downloads – SnapTube allows you to manage all your video downloads in one place. It allows you flexibility where you can pause, cancel or resume a video download
  • Based on your history of movies or videos you like to watch, the app will recommend movies, music or other features you would like to watch and recommend them to you
  • Safe – Some software available on the net for downloading files and videos aren’t safe and are full of hidden viruses. Using this app to download videos is 100% safe.

How to download SnapTube app;

  1. Visit snaptube website
  2. download Snaptube
  3. Run the Snaptube APK file to install SnapTube from your notification bar
  4. If you see a message saying your device is currently set to block installation of applications not obtained from Play store, go to the settings on your phone. Select Security and choose Unknown sources. This is a onetime step only and will allow you to download apps from other sources other than Google play.
  5. Select Unknown sources.
  6. Move to Downloads and click the downloaded SnapTube apk to install


SnapTube is easy to download and allows you to watch and download videos at your convenience.