6 Best Android Browsers you can never go wrong with

The world as we know it has everyone using internet these days. Every slow internet user knows what it is like to wait as the load button just cannot stop and the page keeps loading. As impatient as we are, a good mobile browser with a speed, multi-tasking and smoothness is a must. So here’s a list of 6 best mobile browsers that will make your browsing experience smooth:-

  1. Chrome Beta

Most of us for sure are familiar with the regular chrome browser we’ve been using all the time but here, we’ll be talking about the beta version of it. The Beta version of chrome is better than the regular Chrome in every aspect. Beta version has better speed as compared to the regular one. Also, the Latest updates will reach to the Beta Version before the regular one

  1. Firefox

Despite having a normal speed, Firefox is one of the staunch browsers today. Known for its customization, it allows you to sync your mobile browser version with that of Desktop version. Other multitude customization options make firefox one of the top browsers today. Firefox is also known for its advanced privacy and the fact that it allows the user to read any kind of articles, books, magazines online without facing any mishmash.

  1. Opera

Being in the Market since two decades, Opera has made its presence felt. Opera browser allows you to sync multiple devices and enjoy the same experience of browsing on your Desktop. It is not the fastest browser around but still better than most. Opera also has a data saving feature that allows you to browse for long without consuming much of your internet data. Opera compresses the video and makes it buffer faster to give you the fast yet low-cost data experience.

  1. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is certainly not known to many but it is making its name day by day in the Industry. The design, functions and some amazing features are the result of that. The speed is not that much of an issue in Dolphin Browser as you can easily browse through various websites. While other browsers nowadays do not support some of the older websites, Dolphin has old Flash Player which will run almost any older content related video and it is the preponderance of the browser.

  1. Flyperlink

Flyperlink is a floating browser which is known for its multi-tasking. It allows you to open various websites in floating windows which can be easily minimized and maximized. In Flyperlink, you do not need to save the bookmark as once you minimized a window it becomes a small bubble and goes in the background which can be easily opened by expanding it.

  1. Torch Browser

Torch Browser is a combination of powerful browsing and fast downloading. What makes it stand out in the competition is that it has an in-built torrent downloader which lets you download torrent files. The fact that it is placed on 6th is because the app needs too frequent updates and is still under construction.