3 best apps like KIK: Messenger alternative

Kik, is one of the leading messaging apps on this plant right now, no doubt. But, it’s not without competition.

So that’s the reason I took to writing this piece on Apps Like Kik 3 Best Alternative Messenger Apps. So if for some reasons you aren’t happy with Kik, or just need diversity and variety in your life, Kik online is for you.

kik online

  1. WhatsApp:

Whatsapp was recently acquired by Facebook for almost around $22Billion (Combining money and stocks and everything else). Well, I’m not saying judge it by that, but, 22Billion is a lot of money so no doubt it’s giving Kik a hard time.

Whatsapp owes it’s popularity and success to it’s varied list of features. It literally re-defined messaging. Ofcourse it lets us send free messages, but it doesn’t stop there.

It even allows us sending files, pictures, Videos and even lets us “call” for free! What more do you expect for an app which is totally free?

And fairly recently they even removed their yearly subscription plan, meaning right now it’s officially and totally free!

  1. Viber:-

Viber resembles a lot to Whatsapp, not just in terms of popularity but also in terms of features! The greatest mutual similarity is, they both don’t use Username and Passwords!

If you got a cell number, your cell number is your everything. It’s used to login and logout. Your friends can reach out to you if they got your cell number, it’s as easy as that.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, both Whatsapp and Viber have a vibrant collection of stickers and emojis, which keeps the conversations alive, so no doubt it’s so widely popular.

  1. Line:-

Line, wasn’t as popular when it started out. But it hung in there, and made it big for itself in the world. The greatest secret weapon Line has is, it’s huge list of “funny” stickers!

So yeah, if your pals are depressed or had a breakup, Line might just do the trick to cheer them up. Secondly, Line took in the support of a lot of Celebrities, so yeah that’s what made it go viral!

You can connect to the official accounts of Celebs on Line! Now keep imagining Instant messaging with them! Yeah see? I’m sure you got by now why I included as one of the best alternatives to Kik.

So yeah,  those were the Apps Like Kik 3 Best Alternative Messenger Apps I could think of. If you’re looking for alternatives to Kik, I promise those three apps above would do the job for you. And hey, they’re all free!